Tumenta F. Kennedy

  • Tumenta F. Kennedy is co-founder and CEO of the African Business Information Bank (AfricanBIB – www.AfricanBIB.com), a Social Business Model to promote ethical business conduct, credible information dissimilation, entrepreneurship and leadership with (in) Africa.
  • He is also currently the Senior Adviser on Global Ethics and Research at the Global Cooperation Council (www.gc-council.org). He is a European Facilitator of the African Union – African Diasporas 6th Region and Pan African Diasporas Union (PADU) and President of African Diasporas Germany – Chapter. He has been the Program Director for the ‘Building Global Cooperation-New Alliances with Africa’ at the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics (www.wcge.org) based in Lutherstadt Wittenberg/Germany for many years. Trained in the field of global ethics, international economics and management, he is also a lecturer and senior Consultant amongst other on issues related to Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP), Global Ethics, Fostering Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, Economic Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, Governance issues, Renewable Energy and Ethical Leadership Development to many international companies and African Governments. On the European level, he is actively engaged as ambassador and consultant on global dialogue, international relations and peace & stability. (www.tumentakennedy.com)
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