The African Scientific Institute (ASI) has continuously distributed information about developments in science and technology freely to the homes of Americans, in particular, African Americans, in more than 50 U.S. metropolitan areas where there were 100,000 or more African Americans. ASI first published Dignity Science, a newsletter from 1967 to 1975.

ASI published Technology Transfer from 1979 through 1983, a magazine which like Dignity Science, was also distributed throughout the U.S. However, unlike Dignity Science, Technology Transfer was distributed through paid subscriptions and news stand purchases.

ASI then sought to produce another vehicle to get science and technology into the homes of African-Americans, while simultaneously projecting positive images. The Blacks In Science Calendar was launched in 1985, with its first production in 1986. Since the beginning of this calendar in 1986, marketing and distribution have been successful. ASI received orders from schools, corporations, government agencies, civic organizations, and individuals throughout the United States. Calendar requests are also received from government agencies and educational institutions in many African and other countries. ASI is pleased with the many correspondences from parents and children who wrote to us expressing surprise about the great inventions and achievements of African-Americans, which have been depicted in our calendar. Many of the contributions by African-American scientists, engineers, and inventors, which were studied extensively by ASI researchers, are listed in this calendar. Fine pictures have reflected past and near contemporary contributions by African-Americans in the world of science and technology. Presently, this calendar features contemporary African-Americans. As you turn the sheets of this 15″ x 22″ (when open) spiral bound calendar, you gain a wonderful appreciation of significant contributions made by scientists to enhance developments of mankind.

ASI not only published the Blacks In Science Calendar, but also SciTech, historically a nationally distributed newspaper about developments in science and technology. Today, this information is available electronically via ASI’s eblast that is issued twice each month to our international network.

Today, ASI has an international reach and ASI Fellows from 47 countries. We publish our “Black Achievers In Science and Technology” a directory of ASI Fellows. This publication is updated every two years as the ASI Fellows numbers increase and their activities change.

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