Nigeria’s Raw Materials R&D Council signs MOU with ASI

The African Scientific Institute (ASI) signs a Memorandum of Understanding in Nigeria.

The African Scientific Institute (ASI) in its efforts to assist in the development and use of scientific research, developed a relationship with the Nigerian Raw Materials Research Development Council (RMRDC) in 2009. ASI and RMRDC represented by Engr. Prof. Azikiwe Peter Onwualu, Director-General and Chief Executive Officer, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to assist the Council’s support towards commercialization of research findings from Nigeria and Africa (from Research to Markets) and extend assistance in building up the management of research institutions for optimal performance throughout the continent. RMRDC will take full advantage and apply their abilities to communicate scientific and technological information to prospective clientele.

Through this MOU, scientific and technological research will be used to build up the capacity to move viable products to the marketplace in a timely and effective manner to yield tangible benefits and contribute to the economy and the broader community. Resource networks outside academia, fundamental to commercial progress, will be fully utilized.

We look forward to develop numerous activities and projects in the near future!

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