ASI-Mozambique Relief Fund

Mozambique, a country 1.8 times the size of California and 16.5 million people on Africa’s southeast coast, is often devastated by torrential rains and cyclones, flooding over 1/3 of its land. Lives of families, women, children and the elderly have been devastated. According to the government’s disaster agency, the Instituto Nacional Gestao de Calamidades (INGC), about 2 million people in Mozambique often are affected by the floods. The survivors lose most or all that they owned. Of these, a very large proportion are farming families, which are displaced and lose their fields, homesteads, agricultural equipment, livestock and other assets. Thousands of hectares of planted to crops have to be destroyed or are seriously affected; the crops in order of importance are maize, beans, rice, sweet potatoes, groundnuts and vegetables; food and seed stocks.

Often during these floods, There are widespread diseases such as cholera, malaria, dysentery and other diseases which spread whenever fresh water sources and distribution systems and sanitation facilities for the treatment of waste water are destroyed.

The people of Mozambique are also impacted psychologically because those who suffer are the survivors of war. They had seven years of hope after the war ended in 1992 and now it seems they have to start anew. It is very easy for them to get discouraged.

The African Scientific Institute has initiated its ASI-Mozambique Relief Fund Project. We seek your help now for Mozambique. With your assistance we will be able to sustain our long-term commitment to the people of Mozambique and ensure our continued presence in support of rehabilitation and economic recovery for those in need, long after the floodwaters recede. We must make sure we take the bold initiative to help and make sure dreams have not been washed away by the floods.

Relief has been and is being provided to supply food rations, utensils, blankets, clothing, school supplies, seeds and agricultural tools, medical supplies and building equipment. But much, much more is needed to keep the spirits of Mozambique’s people rising.

Please donate to the ASI-Mozambique Relief Fund.

Provide a lifeline to one of the world’s communities, Mozambique.

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