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ASI is concerned with the professional development of its network of scientists and technologists, and their participation in their communities. ASI is particularly interested in addressing the problems of developing countries, with special emphasis on capacity building. As an interdisciplinary organization, we offer a forum for the exchange of technical information and expertise.

Historically, ASI has concerned itself primarily with mentorship programs for minorities entering the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). However, ASI has expanded its objectives to become project development oriented. ASI also renders consulting and research services.


The objectives of ASI are implemented through:

• Publishing literature • Sponsoring conferences, seminars, workshops • Research and Consulting services • Lectures before various types of audiences • Making Radio and Television appearances • Mentorship • Community Involvement projects—such as Achievement Award Banquets • Co-operative projects with private and governmental sectors—such as job fairs • Employment Matching Program

We are involved………

PUBLISHINGS: Since 1967, we have produced and distributed publications free to keep both the scientific and lay communities aware of developments in science and technology. We have produced SCITECH News newspaper (distributed to 25,000+ nationally), Technology Transfer magazine and the BLACKS IN SCIENCE CALENDAR. ASI now enjoys participation on an electronic information system to present the world of science and technology to those having access to computers.

PARTNERING: We work closely with many organizations to efficiently address common concerns. Projects in which ASI has been involved as a partner include Oakland, CA School District’s “Magnet School Program” and Math Dept.; BASTEC (Bay Area Science and Technology Education Colloquium) – a joint venture of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Oakland, CA School District, and Community Based Organizations; the Urban League’s Calif. Bay Area Chapter; NAAAHR (National Association of African Americans in Human Resources) in presenting its 2003 national conference as well as regional Calif. partnering efforts.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS PROGRAM: This program (STAP) helps keep the public aware of developments in Science and Technology through projects such as our Science and Technology Awareness Fairs and Technology and Environment Camp. By becoming a Constituent for Science and Technology Awareness, this program also offers individuals an information resource conduit.

CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS: ASI presents information as an individual organization or in partnership with others.

AFRICA INPUT: A program to assist in Africa’s enhancement through the ASI AFRICA RELIEF FUND, Save the “African Rainforest Project”, as well as partnering with other institutions to effectively engage in worthwhile programs such the AFRICA FOCUS Series, Constituency Development. Currently, ASI is assisting to sustain Dolisie Hospital in Congo Brazzaville.

PROJECTS RESOURCES NETWORKING: ASI puts resources together to accomplish tasks, whether they are generated by ASI CORE members or others interested in mutual objectives.

INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE: Throughout ASI activities, one theme remains constant…… innovation and cognizance of development in science and technology. Each of us needs to help to aid others towards achieving their aspirations. We must be able to lead. We must also know where we are going. ASI stresses the importance of staying abreast of worldwide technological developments to give us the best “feel” possible about future directions.

AFRICAN SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE CORE PROGRAM: Regional and local involvement in ASI activities is supported and implemented through a group of dedicated individuals who are interested in furthering ASI objectives. These individuals also work on the ASI Fellows Program, International African Science Conferences (IASC), Constituent for Science and Technology Awareness Program, SciTech News, Building Fund, ASI Africa Relief Projects, Speakers Bureau, and Partnering efforts. We are flexible to incorporate activities that are of particular interest to an individual, or a group of individuals. ASI acts as a clearinghouse of resources to connect people together to achieve goals.

ENGAGING LOCAL, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL POLICY MAKERS: Throughout ASI’s history, we have worked with Nobel Prize winners, local, national, and international politicians and dignitaries to help assure developments in science and technology were at the very forefront of their policies to ensure that sustainable usage of science and technology was transferable to those in need.

RESEARCH AND CONSULTING: Both for Profit and Non-Profit activities alike, ASI engages in research and consulting (RC) on a fee basis. Usually non-profit RC is performed as a result of in-house concerns; the results are then marketed. Profit motivated RC results from responses to outside requests for ASI services, or ASI responds to ‘requests for proposals’ from others.

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