ASI Fellows in Veterinary

Ebenezer Adebisi Adebowale, Ph.D.
and National Universities Commission

Clement Oladapo Adewunmi, DVM
and Parisitology; African Medicinal Plants

Olanike Kudirat Adeyemo, DVM, Ph.D.
and Aquatic Pathobiology

Lee E. Anderson, Ph.D.
Animal Science

Appolinaire Djikeng, Ph.D.
Livestock Infectious Diseases

Justin Epelu-Opio, Ph.D.
and Secretary General, Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS)

Alvin G. Foster, DVM

Felix I. Ifeanyi, DVM
and Biology

Assan Jaye, DVM, Ph.D.
and Viral Diseases

Adamu Ahmad Kaikabo, DVM

Ahmadou Lamine Ndiaye, DVM

Odipo Osano, Ph.D.
Environmental Toxicology and Veterinary Public Health

Clyde T. Raby, DVM
and College of Veterinary Medicine Trustee

Mashood Abiola Raji, DVM, Ph.D.
Veterinary Medicine and Microbiology

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