ASI Fellows in Mathematics

Abel A. Afouda, Ph.D.

Mark Ayers

Sam Olatunji Ale, Ph.D.

Chinyere Chikwendu, Ph.D.

James A. Donaldson, Ph.D.

Archie W. Earl, Sr., Ph.D.

Hon. Jean-Pierre Ezin, Ph.D.
Former Africa Union Commissioner for Human Resources,
Science and Technology; Pan-African Universities and Centers of Excellence; Mathematics

Jonathan D. Farley, Ph.D.

Robert Hammie
and National Chess Master

David Rice Hedgley, Jr., Ph.D.

Norbert Hounkonnou, Ph.D.

Johnny L. Houston, Ph.D.
and Computer Science

Katherine Johnson
Aerospace Mathematics

Aderemi O. Kuku, Ph.D.

Oluwole Daniel Makinde, Ph.D.

Verdiana G. Masanja, Ph.D.

Mary Perry Smith
and MESA Co-Founder

Denise Stephenson-Hawk, Ph.D.

Valerie L. Thomas, Ed.D.

Ebuh Godday Uwawunkonye, Ph.D.
Research Statistician

Elbert Washington
and Engineering

Robin T. Wilson, Ph.D.

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