Africa Watch

From time to time, Africa faces catastrophe from drought, food shortages, and production deficiencies. Whether severe drought occurs in the northern Sahel regions of Africa, East Africa, or southern Africa mass starvation results. A complete analysis must be made to clarify problems in Africa and resources made available to address them. Efficient food production must be initiated to provide nutritional foods to mass populations. Simultaneously, alternative production methods for agricultural development must be studied which will not seriously impair long range developing in Africa.

To address these concerns and others which seriously impair Africa’s ability to efficiently feed itself, the African Scientific Institute (ASI) has its AFRICAN RELIEF FUND division. Donations to the fund will be utilized to evaluate and provide alternative solutions to severe conditions in Africa. These solutions will be initiated in phases which will benefit Africa for the years ahead during its normal periods and during the times of severe droughts.


Your help is vital to the success of the AFRICAN RELIEF FUND’s initiation, development, and operation of solutions to urgent conditions in Africa. You can help by volunteering a little of your time and energy and/or making a donation. Contributions are now being accepted and funds are being raised for the AFRICAN RELIEF FUND to expedite as soon as possible, the implementation of sustaining solutions to conditions causing mass starvation, illness, and death in Africa.

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